My Writing

It’s here! Brad’s new book, Crossing Cascadia.

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Martha Beckstead just started a new job, but today will be her last day. She thinks it’s because her husband ordered her to quit and stay home with their two young daughters—their fundamentalist religion discourages women working outside the home. What neither of them knows is that today the long-feared Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake will devastate the entire west coast from Canada to California. Martha will be a hundred miles from home when the bridges fall, the roads buckle, and the mountainsides collapse in a rush of mud and stone. She’ll be alone as she survives the harrowing journey through the Oregon wilderness to discover if her family has survived the quake and the massive coastal tsunami. The trek will threaten her life, erode her belief in the god she’s always known, and transform her into someone she never expected.

Previous Books

I’ve written and self-published two previous books that are no longer available. Trust me, they needed to be put out of their misery and the world is a better place for it. They were both rushed and in serious need of editing. One was a short-sighted memoir documenting a dramatic religious change in my life, and the other was a hamfisted attempt at a moral allegory. Yeah, I know. But I learned boatloads from both writing experiences so I don’t regret writing them… but I would regret sharing them with you here. Oh, did I mention I’m a perfectionist?

Short Stories

I only post short stories here that I am not “shopping around” for publication, which means they aren’t my best. They’re a little rough still, but I like them and I thought you might, too.


I don’t actually consider myself a poet, but every once in awhile one of the ideas knocking around in my brain comes out that way anyway. I don’t submit poetry for publication, so this is really just a place for me to play around with poetry and see what comes of it.


I used to consider myself a songwriter, but those years are long past. You can check out some of what I’ve written here, though. Many of them were co-written with my writing partner, Steve Brown. You’ll hear him and some other great musicians who helped us record them on the tracks below.

Check out a bunch of other music I sang and played guitar on, but that was mostly written by my writing partner, Steve Brown, at Border Crossing’s website.